Everyone Up

UpFrom exists to give the most vulnerable in our communities access to what they need when they need it most.

UpFrom connects 13.3 million at-risk kids and many others in the U.S. with the help they really need. With the support of over 5,000 volunteers and mentors, it’s on a mission to fight poverty, teach new skills, and stop human trafficking. Unlike crowd-funding sites that focus on one-time help, UpFrom is all about making a lasting sustainable difference.

Inspired by the lessons of resilience and empowerment in “UpFrom Slavery,” written by Booker T. Washington, our efforts are grounded in the belief that with the right support, anyone can rise above their circumstances. It doesn’t just give aid; it empowers whole communities to come together and support kids who face tough challenges. This way, UpFrom ensures that every bit of help not only reaches those in need but also creates positive changes that keep growing. It’s a special way of bringing people together to make sure no one is left behind, building a brighter future for everyone involved.

The UpFrom Platform

Three applications working together to raise up the next generation

UpFrom Marketplace

Where giving meets impact. Explore the UpFrom Marketplace, a dynamic geo-specific platform fostering financial transactions for charitable connections and supporting community-driven projects.

UpFrom Mentoring

Empowering mentorship in your pocket. Connect and be activated to offer your wisdom, experience, connections, and resources via our personalized mentoring platform.

UpFrom Dashboard

Streamline volunteer and mentor management with real-time outcome tracking and reporting. The UpFrom Dashboard offers intuitive tools to organize events, track progress, and strengthen mentor-to-mentee relationships with verified outcome-based reporting.

The Organizations
backing UpFrom

UpFrom City Leaders

UpFrom is powered by City Leaders who understand the needs of their ecosystems. Currently, cities are launched in Boston, Detroit, and Dallas-Fort Worth with several others coming online in 2024.

Eagle Impact Alliance

The Eagle Impact Alliance exists to unlock the transformative innovation potential that exists between for-profits and nonprofits. We have aligned with UpFrom to help accelerate impact through the communities where our partners are serving.


Eagle Venture Fund has backed UpFrom from inception. They deeply believe in the mission and promise of UpFrom. The idea passed its rigorous 50-point diligence process.