UpFrom is a FREE capacity-building technology platform for any nonprofit organization working to help anyone UP. At our core, we exist to come alongside our nonprofit partner network to help them fulfill their mission. We do this by activating new donors, mentors, and volunteers in proximity to our partners while also maximizing their current donor and volunteer base. We leverage the power of AI and digital marketing to bring a new and increased army of helpers to meet the needs of your nonprofit and recipients.

Why should my nonprofit utilize UpFrom?

1. It’s completely FREE.

2. Generous City Sponsors underwrite your free access to the platform in your city.

3. Unlock new people, resources, and funding to maximize your work.

4. Marketplace provides just-in-time resources for your needs and people.

5. New revenue streams. UpFrom takes a portion of all transactions made on the platform and gives it directly to your nonprofit for capacity building.

6. Real-time outcome-based reporting. With UpFrom, you now have the ability to show impact metrics to tell the story of transformation to your constituents.

7. All boats rise. UpFrom allows new donors and community volunteers to discover your cause, take action, and join your mission.

How do I get started?

Fill out quick form and someone from our UpFrom City Team will guide you through our easy onboarding process.


UpFrom is often utilized as an employee benefits tool that allows for employee empowerment by directly giving employees the power to donate and volunteer within our opportunities. Our “catalog” of needs is the perfect way to organize employee give-back programs, corporate matching, and cause marketing initiatives with trusted and verified opportunities with outcome-based impact reporting.

How do I get started?

Fill out quick form and someone from our UpFrom Business Team will be in touch.


National, state, and local government initiatives can be powered by the UpFrom generosity platform. Whether it be needs around kids aging out of the foster care system, support and advocacy for potential at-risk youth, illiteracy campaigns, tutoring initiatives, mentoring projects… you name it. Any social problem can be tackled to provide solutions on UpFrom.

Ready to harness the power of UpFrom for your community?

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